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Unlike traditional agents, there are no contracts or commissions with Homesta.

So you’re free to buy and sell on your terms, even if you are just testing the market.

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Still have questions?

We’ve gone ahead and answered some of your biggest queries.

Where are you based?

Homesta was founded and built in Melbourne, Australia. But we service every state and territory of Australia.

So whether you are from Sydney or Broken Hill, Homesta is here to help you.

Why is Homesta better than an agent?

Homesta, gives you access to all the services and providers of a traditional real estate agent, but without the pressure, added costs and long-term contracts.

Traditional agents might charge you tens of thousands of dollars to sell your home, while in many cases the home actually sells itself.

We've spent years working to create a seamless platform, and connecting with trusted providers, from creating the ad copy, marketing it on major websites to receiving legally binding offers. It's all handled in one simplified platform.

So you can sell your home, or buy a home, from the comfort of your couch.

Is it really free to list and sell my home?

It’s 100% free to list and sell your home with Homesta.

The only things you have to pay for are extras that you might want in order to help improve your listing or advertise your home.

Homesta makes small margins on the preferred partner services it offers, such as photography and printed materials.

And in all cases you are always welcome to use your own providers if you prefer, or have an existing relationship.

Do you take sales commission?

No, we do not take commissions on properties sold through our app.

Unlike traditional agents, we want you to get the best price, and if that takes a little longer, then that's fine with us.

We will never push you to lower your price, or accept an offer you aren't happy with.

Homesta makes small margins on the preferred partner services it offers, such as photography and printed materials. And in all cases you are always welcome to use your own providers if you prefer, or have an existing relationship.

Can I advertise my property myself?

Yes, we can advertise your property on RealEstate.com.au too with one of our packages.

We also have social media advertising packages and more prominent listings to help you reach more people.

We also offer other packages to make your home look attractive through the app, such as photography and professional home styling which can help improve the quality of your advertising.

Do you have your own photographers?

We have access to a network of vetted, professional real estate photographers that covers 95% of the Australian population.

These are the same photographers that work for the traditional real estate agents, and if you are not happy with the photos we will send a photographer back straight away to take them again.

Is my name hidden?

On the Homesta app only your first name will be public. This helps keep the platform safe and allows you to chat directly with users in a safe environment.

Homesta also verifies all users via their mobile number, and for users who want to make offers or list a property they must verify via our partner FrankieOne, who does ID verification for ASX100 companies such as Westpac.

Read more on our Privacy Policy.

Do you ID check the members?

When you list a property you must verify your Australian mobile phone number and complete a 100-point ID check via our secure and trusted ID partner FrankieOne soon after listing.

FrankieOne provides ID verification services for top companies such as Westpac and Afterpay.

Is Homesta a Real Estate agent?

No. Homesta is a peer-to-peer platform creating more opportunities to connect buyers and sellers directly, without the need for a traditional real estate agent.

However, we are a licensed real estate agency customer of RealEstate.com.au, for the purposes of marketing and advertising your property.