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The cost of selling a home in 2021

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The cost of selling a home in 2021

Selling your property in Australia can be costly, with agents, stagers and conveyancers the cost could run you up to $40,000. Don’t stress! We’re here to break down the average cost of selling a house in Australia, plus clue you in on the best tips and tricks to save money when putting your house on the market.


Selling your house can be a rather pricey experience for many individuals, with agents alone costing up to $20,000! The good news is; Here at Homesta we’re here to cut costs and we can assure you that dropping the agent is the best way to save when selling your house.

Most agents charge commission fees of 2.5%, meaning that they will take 2.5% of the house’s sale. This can be extremely costly for most vendors, but there’s a simple way to avoid it all-together. Private sales are becoming more and more popular amongst both vendors and home-owners, they allow for both parties to save money and eliminate the cost of agents entirely.


Marketing and advertising your property can cost up to $2000 for 45 days, a variety of websites will charge you a fee for you to list your property online. The price of listing your house online is dependant on the campaign you choose to run. If you want to pay for your property to be listed at the forefront of the page it will, of course be more expensive (likely in the thousands). If you want to save money you can list your property without boosting it and pay a more standard rate ($500 to $600)


Choosing to hire a stager or home stylist is a personal decision! Home stagers arrange furniture and decor in order to accentuate the best features of your home for photography and house inspections. Staging your home is absolutely crucial as it will strongly emphasise the appeal of your house for potential buyers, it can be done without the help of a professional, but make sure to thoroughly research the art of home staging before diving in.

Hiring a professional stager can set you back up anywhere between $2000 to $8000, as stagers often bring in hired furniture, plants, flowers and decor.


The cost of a conveyancer will typically range from $700 to $1400.

Lender: Mortgage and early exit fees will likely cost between $200 and $1000.


Hiring a professional photographer to capture the essence and appeal of your home is one of the most important steps to selling your property. Professional photographers on average cost $1000 to $2000, but they are definitely worth it!

Professional photographers will utilise their expertise and expensive camera equipment to help capture your homes aesthetic.They will also edit the photographs and use classic computer magic to perfect the way your home looks.

In total the average cost of selling a home in Australia is around $32,000! But by simply eliminating the agent you can expect to cut that cost all the way down to $12,000. With Homesta, you can save costs where you might not think is possible before.