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Selling land and property in rural areas

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Selling land and property in rural areas

Selling a property is never a walk in the park. But when it comes to selling a property located in a regional area, there are some extra factors that need to be taken into consideration that don’t exist in metropolitan areas. This doesn’t necessarily mean that selling rural properties are more difficult. It just requires a solid understanding of what you are offering, sufficient preparation and a methodical marketing plan that captures the desirability of your estate and has enough reach to people who could become potential buyers.

What makes selling a rural property different to selling a property in a metropolitan area? Well for starters, it can be more difficult to define what it is that you are selling. When it comes to selling an apartment or house in the city, its more obvious what processes apply to your property. In a rural estate however there is more to take into consideration. The plot of land is likely much larger, with outbuildings as well as the house. you’ll also need to take any livestock, machinery or equipment, crops and water, including these items in your contract of sale. There are additional documents that go along with the transfer of ownership of these things like water and crops; statements and licenses that need to be signed and vendors declarations need to be drafted and legitimised. Along with these additional documents you will also need the others that are necessary for carrying out a legitimate property sale transaction (Documents and paperwork needed to sell a house). This includes the contract of sale and vendors statement, along with other documents.

Another characteristic of selling a rural property that is different than selling a property in a regional area is that finding the right buyer can be a more involved and drawn-out process. It’s no secret that metropolitan properties are generally in higher demand than those out in regional areas. However, rural properties do have their own attractive qualities. Many rural properties are unique, with a lot of history and space for the owner to do whatever they like with. It’s a normal phenomenon for buyers based in the city to dream of moving regional or working towards buying a holiday or getaway home to visit on long weekends. Young families might find themselves tight on space and looking to the country to find an affordable home that has a bit more room. As a seller, the key is in utilising online resources to carry out marketing and outreach, casting a net to find potential buyers. There certainly is going to be someone out there who would make the perfect buyer- they might not even know it yet! Advertising online through platforms like Homesta is a good place to kick off. Consider the following factors when you list your home on the market, and build the marketing strategy around them:

What are the unique features of the property that set it apart from others?

This could include things like bodies of water, barns/outhouses, views of natural landscapes or proximity to local community gathering places like schools, sports grounds or town halls.

  • Choose the correct platforms to advertise on.

There are an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to advertising your property online, which means you no longer have to feel obligated to reach out to real estate agent companies to put your home up for listing. Don’t forget to put up a “For Sale” sign to catch the eye of passers-by too! Giving your house a presence on social media is also helps boost its potential for the right buyer to find it.

  • Have your property accurately valued.

Understanding your property’s true wealth is essential in getting the right price for your property, as well as in constructing and strategizing the marketing. Remember that on a rural estate there are other factors that must be included in the evaluation, such as timber, water, machinery, and quality of wildlife.

  • Make your property look beautiful.

Rural properties can take longer to prepare for inspection than metropolitan ones, due to the size. That’s why it’s important to give yourself the right amount of time to clean inside and out, as well as carrying out any necessary repairs, maintenance or renovations that need to be conducted. Consider having some professionally taken photographs of your property once it has been cleaned and repaired, to use on social media and other online marketing platforms.

Lastly, when selling a rural property, it is important to stay patient. Rural sales often take more time than sales in metropolitan areas. Doing some well thought out planning, along with precise marketing is the best way to ensure the sale of your property follows through without complication.