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Make An Impression: What To Wear When Hosting An Inspection

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Make An Impression: What To Wear When Hosting An Inspection

You would think that when it comes to selling a property, the attire of the people at inspection would fall fairly far down the list of priorities. This is especially true when considering how much work and time will go in to making the property itself look amazing, not to mention the number of documents that have to be prepared and verified before it can even be listed on the market.

At the end of the day, it pretty much comes down to the condition of the property and the quality of the work you have done to make your home look sparkling, right?

A useful rule of thumb to work by when approaching a home inspection is “first impressions go a long way”. Once a first impression has been made, it can’t be undone- and if buyers are looking for reasons not to invest in a property, a poor first impression ma sway them away from continuing on with the sale.


This is of course, why it is so important to prepare your home properly both inside and out, to make a great first impression on potential buyers (tips to prepare your home for inspection). Making yourself and your family (or any other residents of the household) is included in how your property will present upon first glance.

Here are some things to consider when choosing what to wear at a home inspection.

Look Professional

Your image is a reflection of a level of professionalism. Although you are technically letting someone into your home to look around, it is for the purpose of essentially, doing business with them.


Buying and selling properties is no small task for either party, meaning both parties will be wary, at least subconsciously, of engaging with a party that will make things unnecessarily difficult, emotional, or overly personal.

First impressions also count for the homeowners, who will no doubt be wary of who they are letting into their home to have a look around. If someone is dressed too casually that might be an indication to a homeowner that they are not attending the inspection with true intent to buy the property, nor do they take it seriously.

smart casual

If you come dressed professionally, you’ll put the homeowner at ease and start out on the right foot to move towards a sale if you are interested.

Don’t Be Alienating

While it is important to present professionally, there is a point were presenting too formally or professionally can be somewhat inappropriate too. Rather than busing out the tuxedo, go with a smart casual look.

Focus on looking clean, wearing clothes that are without stains or wear and tear. What’s appropriate may depend largely on the context- In some cases, a t-shirt and jeans will be appropriate for an inspection, or sometimes it might call for a suit or something more formal. When in doubt, go smart casual, and make yourself look as clean and professional as possible.


Lastly, the most important thing is to be friendly, open, and approachable. Don’t forget to smile!