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How to reduce stress when selling your home

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How to reduce stress when selling your home

Selling your home is undeniably a big deal and can be quite anxiety provoking at times. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks that are ahead when you are at the beginning of the journey that selling your house imparts. There are also high steaks, as you are dealing with a large asset. This, in theory, means that a small misstep could have large financial consequences.

Although looking ahead may feel like you’re staring at a mountain yo’re about to climb, there are a number of simple things you can do to effectively reduce the amount of stress you endure when selling your home.

Create an informed plan

The ultimate trick to minimising the stress you will endure when selling your property is to set yourself up for success from the beginning by creating a step-by-step plan that is informed by research. A key part of this equation is conducting thorough market research, so you know when the best time to put your house up for sale is. One of the biggest stressors when selling your home is the uncertainty that is caused by market fluctuations. If you are not prepared with the correct knowledge once you put your house on the market. By getting to know the market fluctuations you can minimise the uncertainty you will experience and maximise the possibility of landing a good outcome.

Create a budget that factors in hidden costs

Selling your home involves expenses that can be easily overlooked, which can add up and eventuate to a substantial amount of money. It’s important that you create a budget that is accurate in its inclusion of the extra costs, and flexible enough to account for changes that might emerge as the processes get underway. An example of a cost you might not have expected is discharging your mortgage- so it’s important you get this out of the way or gain an understanding of how much the cost will be before you commit to the rest of the process (Documents and paperwork you need to sell a house). Other hidden costs include capital gains tax, conveyancer or legal fees, council rates, advertising costs and lenders fees.

Set a realistic price

A common stress-inducing occurrence when selling your property is setting an unrealistic price expectation that is unrealistic. Getting your property valued by an expert is an important step to take in order to have a smooth selling process. With an accurate price you can set your expectations as well as list your house on the market for a listing price that will attract buyers as well as satisfy you.

Sell Correctly

Traditionally the most common way to sell your property has been with the help of an agent. But with the advent of the internet and technologies like Homesta, there is a growing trend of people selling their properties privately- without the help of an agent. There are a number of benefits to selling privately - it can put you in control of the process and you wont have to pay the fee for an agent (link to selling your house without an agent). This can be a good option to take if you’re prepared for the extra work and are confident with your knowledge of the industry.

Make your home look beautiful

Making a good first impression goes a long way in impressing the buyer and eventuating a solid selling price. Spending time and effort in making your home look beautiful is also great for reducing stress levels as it boosts confidence in your ability to make a great sale. It is also good in advertising and allows you to stage your home to highlight its best features (how to prepare your house for home inspection). You’ll need to consider making repairs and renovations where they need to be made and doing a thorough clean making sure not to miss anything.

Look after yourself

Lastly, don’t forget to look after yourself! It’s important to make sure through the sell process you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so that you don’t lose mental clarity and start making poor decisions. Getting enough exercise, sleep and nutrition is the best way to reinforce your positive mindset and enable you to make the best decisions possible. You’ll be needing your stamina!

It is important to remember that selling your house is a nonlinear process, that will undoubtedly have its up and downs. if you hold true to your needs and stick to your intentions from the beginning, you will set yourself up for a successful outcome!