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How to price your home

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How to price your home

So how do you price your home for sale?

Choosing how to price your home can sometimes feel daunting, but it’s really quite easy, remember all you are doing is giving people a guide.

Ultimately they are going to give you offers and you are going to decide if you are going to accept them or not.

And the price can always change.

On Homesta, you can price your home in 3 different ways, to give you complete flexibility and ensure you get the price you want.

You can choose a fixed price, which is the price you would sell for today if someone offered that amount.

Or you can choose a price range. With the lower price being the minimum you would want to receive offers at. Usually this is around the 10% range.

Alternatively you can select to keep the price private, and let them make an offer to you directly once you have started having a conversation with them.