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How To Photograph Your Home For Sale

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How To Photograph Your Home For Sale

Regardless of how much your house is worth, taking brilliant and breathtaking photos can make all the difference!

This list of tips and tricks is a must read for those unsure of how to best capture all that your house has to offer.


Keep it clean

Before you even think about taking photos it’s crucial that your house is spick and span! You’re going to need to thoroughly clean your house, to ensure that it looks as nice as possible for potential buyers, scrub down your benches, wipe the windows and mop the floors.

Potential buyers are going to be looking for major issues with cleanliness, such as yellowing on the walls from smoking, or any mould infestations. Make sure you deep clean your house in every area. Check underneath furniture, inside cupboards and behind doors.

Keep in mind: Decluttering is just as important as cleaning. Remove all unnecessary items from your house, kitchen utensils, towels, books, lamps, can all be stored away. Only leave large pieces of furniture and anything that you feel ads to the overall appeal to the house.

Staging is a must

In order to captivate the attention of potential buyers, your photographs need to showcase the full potential of your house, so staging is incredibly important. Find inspiration online from interior designers and other house listings, then arrange your house in the most captivating way.

We recommend bringing in a professional staging company, as a professional will bring a level of expertise and ease that’s tricky to emulate. But that’s not to say you can’t do it yourself; If you want to DIY the staging of your house, just make sure to do your research.

Highlight special features

Use the staging period as an opportunity to highlight any special features that your house has to offer. If you have a working fireplace, then throw a log on and light it up!

If you have a pool, turn the lights on and make sure the water is sparkling clean. Any aspects of your house that are exceptional, unique, or distinctive can be used to draw in potential buyers.

Professional or Amateur? Can I take the photos myself?

Listing professional, high quality photographs of your house will greatly increase the chances of your house being sold. We strongly recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture your house in all its glory. There is a major difference between professional and amateur listing photos, and buyers will be able to tell.

More often than not amateur photos are taken on lower quality cameras and do not accurately capture a house’s potential. Professional photographers are extremely well versed and have a great understanding of lighting, angles and mechanics, and they will most likely own an expensive camera with a wide lens, this will make your house appear slightly larger in photographs, and the higher quality photos will appeal more to potential buyers.

Most people will be seeing your home for the first time through these listing photos. Taking photographs that really capture the essence of your home can really create a good impression for potential buyers, and increase the number of interested buyers in your property.