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How Homesta can help you save money while selling your home

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How Homesta can help you save money while selling your home

Selling a home can be stressful and can cost a lot of money. Some of these costs used to be unavoidable, but Homesta is here to change that. As the property network that gives you more control, Homesta is here to change the rules of real estate, giving you more opportunities to buy and sell property directly.

Homesta empowers you to take control of directly selling and buying your property, cutting out the middleman, real estate agents, and in the process, cutting out costs that we used to think were unavoidable.

What are some of the costs that you can save by using Homesta? Let’s break it down one by one.

1. Agent fees

Although real estate agent fees can vary widely depending on the state, size and type of your property as well as location, the real estate agent commission fee is the most significant expense you will have to pay when you are selling a house through an agent. There are generally three ways real estate agents charge; a fixed rate (a percentage of the final sale price), a flat fee, or a tiered rate (the price increases as the sale price increases). As a rule of thumb, a real estate agent fee could fall anywhere between 1.5% to 4% of the sale price. The average agent commission is around 2.4%, meaning you could pay anywhere between $18,000 to $20,000, which you can easily save by selling directly. In addition to this, if you choose to sell the property via auction, there will be more fees attached to this.

It is also sometimes hard to tell if real estate agents have your best interest at heart, especially when their commission is on the line. Let’s take their 2.4% commission rate. If you have a potential buyer that is willing to offer you $10,000 more than your sale price, while you get an additional $10,000, the agent only receives an extra $240, so would they put in the extra effort?

Homesta removes the middleman, giving you full control of your property sale and ability to negotiate directly with the buyer without any commission fees to pay out, thus saving you more. Through Homesta, we provide you the steps on how to sell your property without real estate agents, cutting out the commission fees, and putting more money from the sale into your pocket. Through the app, you can chat directly to potential buyers, upload contracts of sale, and list your home on the app for free.

2. Third-party services

Usually, agents recommend these third-party services to you to get your home ready for sale. These third-party services might be repairs, staging, cleaning, photography, and many more. These services can be costly and can quickly add up. If you sell directly through Homesta, you can source these services and shop for suppliers yourself so that you are guaranteed to get the best price possible, without relying on someone else like real estate agents.

3. Marketing fees

Online advertising is one of the best ways you can advertise your property online. Listing your property on real estate sites such as Domain can help you reach a large base of potential buyers. However, these sites only allow advertising by licensed real estate agents and can cost you upwards of $700 for 12 weeks, depending on your location, who your agent is, and the advertising package selected.

Listing your home on Homesta is free. You have the option of putting the listing up as public or private, allowing you to have control of your privacy. Homesta will push your listing to real estate sites such as Domain to get you more exposure while you can still sell direct.

The best thing about it is, not only does it save you money, but before you list your home, you will be able to see if anyone has ‘tagged’ your property. This will give you an indication of the interest in your property prior to listing, thus giving you a better idea of what your property might be worth.

Some of these costs that we all used to think are unavoidable can actually be minimized or eliminated, through Homesta! Homesta is changing the status quo of selling your property. We understand all the moving parts of selling your home, and how complicated, costly, and stressful it can be. By giving you more control in selling your home and the right guidance, not only will the process be simplified, but it also means you can save more money along the way.

Homesta. Be your own agent.