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Home Styling: Is It Worth It?

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Home Styling: Is It Worth It?

Is home styling worth the time effort and money? The short answer is yes.

Staging your home to be aesthetically appealing can lure in potential clients, and drastically change the feel of your home, but that’s not to say you need to hire a professional. In this guide we break down the different ways to style your home for inspection and real estate photos, and cover the top tips and tricks to make your house especially attractive.

What will a property stylist do?

A property stylist will assess the current state of your house and decide how best to dress it up for potential clients.

It is commonplace for vendors to hire a stylist, as it can greatly improve your house’s interior and improve your chances of attracting buyers. In some cases, styling your home effectively can even bring a higher price offer.

If your home is in need of maintenance or repairs, your property stylist may bring in tradesmen to bring it up to speed, or alternatively; notify you so you can manage the repairs.

A home stylist will use furniture, or sometimes lack thereof, to emphasise space and create an appealing flow to your house. If your house is filled with your own furniture you may choose to keep it, although it is likely that the stylist will suggest renting furniture.


Renting furniture can drastically change the aesthetic of your house, and emphasise the key features of the property. If the furniture you own is not in great shape, then we strongly recommend renting furniture, as they add warmth and can improve aesthetics.

Home stylists have a brilliant understanding of how best to arrange your home in order to sell the fantasy to potential buyers. Adding pops of colour and life, such as decorative throw pillows, flowers in an elegant vase, or bright lampshades are simple, yet effective ways that a stylist may implement in order to improve desirability.



Hiring a property stylist is a simple and constructive way to help improve your home’s interior aesthetics, but the process can be costly for some. The average staring price for a home stylist is around $3000, although the price is extremely dependent on the size of your property, the amount of work required and the furniture you choose to rent (and how long you need it for).


For larger properties with more rooms in need of staging, the cost can run upwards of $10,000. Cost should be factored into all decisions when preparing your house for sale, keeping in mind that a visually appealing property with good staging can drive the potential buying price up.

If you want to cut costs and are willing to put in a bit of effort, there is nothing standing in the way of you staging and styling your home independently!

Can I do it myself?

Although property stylists are professionally trained in home staging, with a little research, time and effort you can also achieve a glamorous and appealing interior.

A potential alternative to consider is ‘virtual staging’; this is the process of sending photographs of your house (preferably empty) to a professional who will digitally import images of furniture. This is an excellent cost-saving alternative for those looking to list photos of their property online, but if you are holding an open or private inspection you will need to consider a physical home staging.

For straightforward DIY staging tips, make sure your house is as clean as possible, clearing away any unnecessary appliances or pieces of furniture. Add artwork, flowers and plants for pops of life and colour, and use lamps and mirrors to maximise space and light.


Making sure your home looks visually appealing to any potential clients is the most important step in selling your home! Whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional, make sure your home looks as alluring as possible.