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10 Tips To Elevate Your Smartphone Photography

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10 Tips To Elevate Your Smartphone Photography

Smartphone cameras have come leaps and bounds in the last few years, with the latest models giving you the power to take high-quality photos and videos at your fingertips. But are you harnessing the full power of the device that lives in your pocket?

Taking great photos with a phone camera follows the same principles as taking photos with any camera. It largely comes down to creating a good scene, understanding photographic depth, and having the right lighting.

However, there are some additional things you can do to further elevate your smartphone photography and get stunning results.

1. Avoid using flash

Flash can make your images look washed out and can create unnecessary glare off of reflective surfaces which can make your image actually appear darker. Natural light is best, but if you can’t capture enough natural light, you’re better off trying something softer and warmer, as opposed to cold or white light.

2. Experiment with different camera apps

The standard camera apps that come along with your phone are reliable and will allow you to get a consistent result. Third party apps can be a way to get more settings with your focus, exposure and others. There are lots of options out there, with some of the more popular ones being ProCamera, Camera 360, Manual and Camera+.

3. Learn to edit

Editing your photos makes a big difference in how the image manifests. Finding the right balance of brightness, saturation, exposure and contrast can completely change your image into something new, and make it pop!

4. Turn on your grid

You may not think it important at first but using the grid can be an effective way to line up the horizon. This is especially important when it comes to photographing your home - getting the proportions correct and providing attractive scaling is key.

5. Clean your lens

This one is self-explanatory - there’s not much point in using the other techniques if your lens is grubby! Wipe it down with a clean tissue and you should be good to go.

6.Avoid using filters

Sometimes, filters can add a desirable effect depending on what your photos are going to be used for. But overdoing it can make your photos look tacky or unprofessional in the wrong context. Editing your photos correctly should provide enough of a boost to do your photos justice, while keeping it tasteful.

7. Adjust exposure

One of the most basic manual adjustments you can make before taking a photo is adjusting the exposure, which allows you to brighten or darken the scene. On an iPhone this feature is labelled as the sun to the right of the confirmation box, and on Android phones it’s generally with a +/- icon.

8. Learn your camera’s features

The capabilities of modern smartphone features are mind blowing. The latest models are able to blur the background of an image to create a hyper-focus effect or mimic a wide aperture lens. Different features serve different proposes so its best to experiment and get to know your phone’s features well, so you know how and in what circumstances to use which features.

9. Adjust your focus

When shooting at long range, adjusting the focus captures depth and scale, bringing your photos to life. Shooting close up also has its appeals, especially on a modern phone which can capture the details of the whole frame.

10. Take your time

Last, but not least, it is important to take your time when striving to achieve high quality images to take your time in arranging the scene, adjusting the angle and lining up the shot correctly- this can make all the difference. Make sure the composition of the image is good, including the right objects and colour palettes, lighting and focus are all in line.

If you pay attention to detail and follow these tips, you will be able to take your smartphone photography to the next level!