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10 reasons why you’re the best person to sell your home.

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10 reasons why you’re the best person to sell your home.

Selling your house is nowhere near as difficult as it may seem. With some standard research, basic computer skills and a little effort, you can save thousands by selling your property privately.

With the help of Homesta, selling your home is easier and more affordable than ever. Here are 10 reasons why you’re the best person to sell your home.

1) Cost saving:

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge shift in vendors and homeowners eliminating agents entirely and choosing to sell their property solo. The number one factor that’s encouraging vendors to sell without the aid of a real estate agent is the huge savings. Sellers can save as much as $20,000 in fees, by listing their property without an agent.

2) Control:

Without an agent, you have full authority over the way you want your home to be sold; you get to make your own decisions on how the house is advertised, what price you want to list it for and the way you want to communicate with potential buyers. This is a huge plus for vendors who want to have a say in the way their home is sold.

3) It’s your top priority:

Let’s be honest, agents sell houses for a living, they’re likely busy managing several clients who are in the process of buying or selling their home. When you’re in control of selling your property, it really matters to you. You have one on one access to buyers, and can schedule your property needs around other priorities. In other words, the process of selling your house will be more important to you than it is to any agent.

4) You know your home:

Who knows your home better than you do?

When you’re marketing your home to potential buyers, tell them honestly your absolute favourite aspects of your home.

You know the assets your house have to offer, so make them stand out.

If you have a favourite spot to sit in the sun and read, or a local cafe that you just adore, let potential clients know. Buyers are interested in forming their own connection with your house, so any information that makes it more desirable is super helpful and a great way to emphasize your home’s appeal.

5) Transparency:

Without an agent, there is more room for transparency between seller and buyer. There is no risk of a dodgy agent who’s just after a quick sale. Instead, the process is between two parties who are both after the best deal for an asset.

6) More interest from buyers:

Private listings and selling without an agent have been growing in popularity as buyers now have a stronger understanding of what it means to sell and buy privately. Most buyers love the transparency that comes with vendors selling without an agent.

7) Everyone’s doing it:

Selling through a real estate agency will soon become a thing of the past. Within our fast-growing technological world, connections and transactions are becoming easier to than ever. The internet has enabled people to connect like never before, and listing a property online is now standard practice for anyone selling their home.

8) It’s easy:

Selling your home is almost just as simple as selling your car, motorbike or any household items. Just take some nice photos, write a detailed description and wait for the buyer to get in contact with you.

9) High Demand:

The buyer demand in Australia is consistently growing. Eliminating agents and selling privately is becoming more and more popular amongst both vendors and buyers, as money can be saved on both ends.

There is no better time to list your property than right now!

10) Why pay someone else when you can do it yourself?

Honestly, the best reason to sell your house without an agent is that it’s completely doable. Why waste money, time and effort finding a reliable agent, when you could do it yourself.

Selling your house is an exciting endeavour, and doing it yourself is even more exciting!

No complicated contracts, or cuts going to real estate agencies.

Sell with Homesta, be your own agent.